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We are a strategic consultancy that specialises in AdTech Transformation.


What is AdTech Transformation?

AdTech is short for advertising technology, the systems and processes that enable advertising to deliver value for brands, consumers and content creators. It underpins the $375bn digital advertising industry.


At any given time AdTech is changing;

Constant innovation in products and platforms

Increasing legislation impacting technological use

Overnight changes to targeting and measurement made by big tech players

New formats and channels being digitally enabled 

Advertisers taking greater control themselves

Ensuring that the main part of what enables advertising (AdTech) is ready set for change requires continuous transformation. Simply put, the ad technologies and ways of working that advertisers were using 2 years ago are now out of date.

What is AdTech Transformation?

Who Are TPA Digital?

TPA Digital was founded in 2016 to empower advertisers with impartial advice. 

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We take our technical knowledge and hands on experience to provide strategic consultancy services to advertisers.

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Unlike many others, we do not have any conflicts of interest in the recommendations we make for advertisers.

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We have offices in USA and the United Kingdom and are a value-driven team setup to transform our clients digital advertising.

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Who Are We?

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Global advertisers with centralised strategy teams

Local marketing managers with an agency

In-house advertisers

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