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AdTech Futures Assessment

Assess and improve your brand's AdTech strategy to maximise value today, and effectiveness tomorrow.

Our AdTech Futures Assessment delivers an objective review of your current AdTech, and details a recommended action plan to ensure its relevance, utility and value to your brand in the long term.


  • Improve the effectiveness and cost of your AdTech

  • Increase control of your AdTech choices and usage

  • Act on the opportunities for innovation

  • Identify your AdTech's exposure to upcoming technical changes

  • Get an impartial, 'fresh-eyes' review of your AdTech maturity


Your customised route to optimal AdTech

Identify gaps to fill and areas to improve, determined against your current AdTech stack, strategy, objectives and performance.


Gap Analysis

Understand the commercial opportunities to improve media outcomes.


Costs & Contracts Audit

Optimise how you and any partners use and maintain your AdTech stack.


Technology Review

Recommendations to drive your AdTech forward, and a plan against any upcoming threats or opportunities within AdTech.


AdTech Futures Roadmap


In-depth discovery process, including stakeholder interviews

Review of contracts, media plans, reports, and tech set-ups 

Customised recommendations structured by time required vs. impact

4-week process culminating in a presented workshop to your internal stakeholders


Uncovering £3m in digital advertising savings

A large European retailer tasked TPA Digital to audit their programmatic spend as part of a wider audit to identify areas of opportunity and risk.


The client was particularly interested in understanding the effectiveness of their media investment and how it was spent.

With access to buying platforms, TPA Digital conducted an in-depth audit of current and past programmatic campaigns.

We delivered 16 practical recommendations to improve campaign performance. The most significant being to address £3m+ of previously undisclosed margin. 

Over the next three years the client could increase its digital marketing spend by 200%.


We are an advertising technology consultancy that recognises and maximises value for advertisers.

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