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Find cost savings in your adtech stack 

Book a free one-hour virtual workshop to help your digital advertising team identify the adtech opportunities to save money and increase effectiveness

Delivered by:

Wayne Blodwell, CEO

Dan Larden, Head of UK

Adtech stacks designed for the past decade will not be fit for purpose in the next one


Technical and legislative changes to data practices will disrupt the foundations of adtech


Innovation, like AI, has come of age, opening up a number of new opportunities in adtech


Increased competition and an uncertain economy will force adtech prices down

Create a plan to make your adtech investments work harder for you

In your free hour long virtual workshop with TPA, you will:


Identify the gaps in your current adtech set up​


Discover if you are overpaying in your existing tech & data contracts



Spot the operational inefficiencies across brands and markets

Understand the longevity of technologies you are investing in

Book your free workshop now


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