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Case Studies

Bespoke technology vendor selection

The brief

Our client, a Telecommunications advertiser, sought specialist expertise when selecting a Demand Side Platform partner (DSP). They contracted TPA Digital to identify their requirements for a DSP partner and construct a process to find the vendor that best met them.

The output

Our process highlighted 90+ specific vendor requirements for our client that covered operational, technical, commercial and support needs. TPA Digital built a unique vendor selection process that identified the best-in-class solution for our client’s requirements. Finally, we used our experience in ad-tech contracting to secure a competitive commercial agreement with the chosen vendor.





RFP Process


A quote from the client

“This was one of the most well thought out evaluation processes I’ve been a part of.”

- VP Business Development at a Leading AdTech Vendor

Contact us if you are an advertiser who would like to learn more about a bespoke technology selection process.

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