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Considerations of a Hybrid In-house Model

Last year, we produced a whitepaper titled "In-housing Five Years On: What are brands thinking about today?" in order to understand how in-housing has developed over the past five years. A key takeaway from the whitepaper was that hybrid in-housing is heavily on the rise.


Therefore, we developed this whitepaper to build a framework for brands who want to begin progressing a hybrid operating model. There are many steps to a successful implementation, the first being a forensic examination of all skills and processes occurring in the business.


We use our specialisms to go into a deep-dive of the opportunities and challenges of all aspects of in-housing, then explore common findings and help develop a blueprint to become the first step to the hybrid in-housing journey.


  • An overview of hybrid in-housing trends

  • Opportunities and challenges of in-housing across our specialisms

  • Questions and blueprint to help develop a bespoke hybrid model

Advertisers who have adopted hybrid operational models (%)

Source: IAB UK 2021

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Download the whitepaper

Download the full whitepaper to gain a framework to help you develop a bespoke hybrid operating model.

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