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A Buyer's Guide To Curation

In partnership with Xandr

Programmatic advertising is an ever-evolving industry that consistently works towards driving greater efficiency in digital advertising. Whilst this evolution is positive, it can often create complexity. As the number of users and content on the internet is consistently growing, this is leading to supply path fragmentation and a loss of control, efficiency and trust.

Therefore, buyers are now looking to address these challenges. One way to address this is through curated marketplaces, which offer a promising solution by bridging the gaps in current programmatic buying methods whilst adding significant value for buyers.

This whitepaper, produced by TPA Digital and Xandr, explores the power of curation through a detailed buyer’s guide. This guide helps offer media buyers the opportunity to radically rethink and rebuild their supply paths and operations and define a new value proposition for marketers.


  • Evolution of programmatic buying

  • The use cases for curated marketplaces

  • Auction packages – what they are and how to use them

  • Deal management – how to manage programmatic deals

  • Supply Chain Transparency

  • Taking complete control of your supply

“The quest for high quality, transparent supply is universal. In any supply chain, advertising or other, there’s newfound enthusiasm for bespoke products. Curated marketplaces allow market participants to deploy unique, sophisticated solutions at scale, that make it easy for buyers to manage supply paths and drive both performance and transparency to their campaigns.”

James Bird – Curation Specialist at Xandr

"Programmatic supply is complex – multiple routes to impressions, multiple format types, multiple KPIs each impression is trying to achieve, and a long list of technologies involved in the process. Curated Marketplaces are a technologically advanced but operationally simple way in which to manage these complexities. This whitepaper, written by The Programmatic Advisory in collaboration with Xandr, explains the evolution of programmatic inventory and the uses cases for operating a Curated Marketplace as a buyer.”

Wayne Blodwell - Founder & CEO of TPA Digital

Download the whitepaper

Download the full whitepaper to find out more on the power of curation.

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