Data Clean Rooms Panel

Within the ever-evolving privacy world, brands need to rethink their data and measurement partnerships to help expand their first-party data. Enter, Data Clean Rooms. 

Data Clean Rooms have emerged to provide a secure environment where businesses can store, share and match first-party data in a privacy-compliant way.

Over the past few years, we have been advising brands on potential solutions and strategies to future proof their digital data strategy after the deprecation of cookies and device IDs. Clean Room solutions for Marketers have grown exponentially in that time so we are on a journey to educate the industry on what Data Clean Rooms are, how they work (as seen in our blog from last year) and, now, how brands are using Data Clean Rooms today.

In the final piece of our series on data clean rooms, we have organised a panel of experts from three companies all offering brands a new privacy-first approach to data-driven digital advertising.

Key topics covered during the panel will include: 


  • How privacy legislation is changing the digital marketing landscape

  • New methods for future-proofed activation and measurement

  • Advice for brands starting their data clean rooms journey

Guest Speakers

James Prudhomme

CRO at Optable

An ad-tech expert with close to 20 years’ experience in the industry, James is a builder and a leader with a successful track record of driving growth across continents and cultures. 

Now as CRO of Optable, James inspires and motivates tightly focused teams. He is a bootstrapper who is not afraid to roll up his sleeves. He shares: “I care a lot about values and how values can bring clarity to the journey.

andra headshot.png
Andra Mititelu

Sales Director, Audience Platform for Advertisers at Permutive

Andra Mititelu is Sales Director, Audience Platform for Advertisers at Permutive, which is powering the future of advertising on the responsible web. Having worked in the industry for over a decade across MediaCom, Publicis, Oracle Data Cloud and LiveRamp, Andra has witnessed the way in which privacy has reshaped adtech. She is passionate about empowering advertisers and agencies to stay ahead of the privacy and technology changes affecting our industry, so they can continue to deliver data-driven personalised marketing while respecting user privacy and rebuilding consumer trust.

Tim Norris-Wiles

Managing Director EMEA at Habu

Tim is Managing Director for Habu in the EMEA region, overseeing Habu’s international growth strategy and execution. Tim has a long-standing track record of bringing cutting-edge data solutions to the region to help customers win. 

Prior to launching Habu’s Data Clean Room business in EMEA, Tim provided advisory services across adtech, martech, CDP, and data strategy to FTSE 100 brands, was the first in-market commercial lead for mParticle’s CDP, and was also Country Manager DACH for Krux DMP (now Salesforce).


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The event will take place on Thursday 10th March 2022, at 2pm GMT and will be hosted by our Senior Client Partner, Dani Stewart.

"I'm excited to bring together some great minds who are all working to bring new advertiser solutions to the market that enable data sharing in a privacy-compliant way. It's a hot topic and something that will be key to every digital marketer's strategy in the coming months and years."

Dani Stewart - Senior Client Partner at TPA Digital


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