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Digital News Hub

A better way to upskill internal brand teams across digital marketing.

The Problem

Upskilling internal teams in digital advertising is a huge and daunting topic for most brand marketers.

The digital marketing landscape is changing fast and there is a need to ensure that local markets have access to impartial educational content that is expertly curated and regularly updated.


But how do you know which topics are of interest to local markets and where the knowledge gaps are?


The Solution

The TPA Digital News Hub is a platform packed-full of critical analysis and high level explanations of the largest news stories and major platform, policy and content updates across digital advertising.
We create a range of monthly bitesized learnings across multiple digital channels including:




Online Video

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A platform built for learning and engagement

We have built the Digital News Hub from scratch as a social learning platform that encourages engagement and participation via polls, comments and follow options for all users.

Tracking engagement and using the discussions held on the platform is a great way for central teams to curate further learning and deep dive into topics that teams care about the most.

There are options for granular reporting for administrators in central teams to monitor usage and engagement across local markets.

Our content creators have deep expertise across all digital advertising

We are a team of practitioners turned consultants who frequently appear in international digital advertising press for their expert opinions.

Our advice is completely impartial - we have no commitments or commercial relationships with supply partners.

We have deep relationships with major ad platforms and subject matter experts for deeper analysis and opinion.

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Our expert opinions create custom training programmes for leading advertising bodies and are regularly featured in the industry press.

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