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Case Studies

Unearthing drastic differences in Contextual Targeting accuracy among leading providers

Contextual targeting has been heralded as one of the saviours of post-cookie digital advertising. But there is one major & obvious challenge: audience levels drop off considerably 24 hours after new articles are published, and it takes time for contextual providers to categorise the content on that page. So how do you reach audiences at scale on relevant content via contextual targeting?

Verve Group, a privacy-orientated omnichannel ad platform, approached TPA Digital saying it had solved this challenge.

Using our R&D testing service, Labs, we proved that Verve Group can reach fresher content faster than its competitors.

But more concerningly, we found evidence that suggests contextual targeting often fails to even reach the relevant content it promises.

Read the full case study here, or click the image below.

verve group and tpa labs - contextual targeting.png

If you are investing in contextual targeting and want to assess the efficacy of your current approach, get in touch.

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