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Case Studies

Global Programmatic Transformation

The challenge

We met with a change-making CMO at a global FMCG advertiser in early 2020 who knew they wanted to increase their programmatic advertising but were held back by legacy ways of operating and thinking.


  • Ad tech selections were sporadic and purely local

  • Programmatic was being treated as ‘another partner on the plan’

  • They were not leveraging global media partnerships

  • Couldn’t log in and see basic campaign reports

  • Very limited financial transparency

  • Finally, campaign performance was very up and down

The output

These are common challenges we see with global advertisers and we approach these situations with care. Local markets and their agencies must be empowered by global solutions – we do this by considering nuances to each market but also ensure markets are aware of the global strategy and come on that global transformation journey.

We created a global framework that showed how the markets could operate best-practice programmatic. For example, in one market it made sense for the agency trading desk to continue operating but leveraging a newly contracted advertiser DSP seat, whereas in another market they worked with a different partner (not their agency) to deliver specialist analytics. 

Then, we drove that change through the business by creating operating principles and a vision for programmatic. We presented to internal and external stakeholders who found the new approach energising. Given our impartial position, we also found that all stakeholders easily aligned with our thinking, and were grateful for the structure and vision. 

There were no agency changes. Total resources remained the same. Just much clearer and focused ways to enable the global FMCG to operate programmatic locally in a modern way.

The results

Client satisfaction was at an all-time high. There was a lot of frustration before our 6-month engagement. Results in the market improved as we drove transparency in operations. On top of this, we estimated the client saved $14,000,000 through these efficiencies; ranging from supply chain transparency, better resource models, contracting technology directly and enhancing their personalization efforts.

Does this sound Global Programmatic Transformation sound interesting? We’d love to talk to you about our work. 

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