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Case Studies

A strategic approach to programmatic supply for a global telco


Markets analysed


Reduction in average SSP take rates (from 16% to 7%)


Reduction in CPM; as well as improvements in vCPM, CPC and reach


Savings in the first eight months

The brief

A new strategic curation methodology for the client was needed to help remove inefficiencies in the current way their supply was accessed globally. From an initial intricate data analysis, we recognised that the complex ecosystem was leading to high levels of overlap with little incremental value being provided.

The output




SSP Consolidation:

Analysis indicated over 200 different SSPs were being bought from globally with high overlaps. We applied an approach to SSP usage with three global partners to be combined with one locally chosen SSP.

Deals Curation:

We identified a need to advance how SSP deals were being utilised. We curated tailored deals to meet different requirements to shift spend towards multi-publisher deals and away from the open marketplace.

Pricing Agreements:

Stronger partnerships with SSPs led to better pricing initiatives for the client, leading to agreements including maximum SSP take rates.

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