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We are a team of industry leaders and digital media consultants. We provide impartial expertise that empowers global advertisers.  

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Advertisers need experts to navigate complex ecosystems 

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Digital advertising becomes the most prominent method of advertising 

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Strategic advice must be detached from media buying relationships 

Our Clients

We empower our clients to move their digital advertising forward. We work with clients that activate through their agencies and also those that execute in-house advertising.


At TPA Digital, we customise our service deliverables around their needs, without ever compromising on our beliefs.  

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Our Story

We were founded in 2016 by industry veteran Wayne Blodwell with the belief that advertisers were being underserved by the industry. Advice to brands had misaligned incentives and were being given by those with limited knowledge – these challenges still exist today. 

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After expanding into Europe, our inboxes were full of requests from US-based advertisers asking for help so, in late 2019, The Programmatic Advisory acquired Forge-Group, a North Carolina based programmatic consultancy, to offer its well-established services in the United States. 

In January 2022, The Programmatic Advisory became TPA. This update acted as a recognition of the new advertising world marketers are facing: increased digital opportunities to reach consumers but with existential pressures around content experiences and privacy. Programmatic has always suffered from a lack of a clear definition, but data and technology-enabled advertising (how we have always defined it) is still very much here to stay and TPA Digital is here to cater to the new world of advertising.

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