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The State of In-housing Five Years On

In our first year as a business, we produced a whitepaper titled: “Are you really ready to in-house programmatic?”, looking to act as a starting point to help brands understand if they are in the position to in-house or whether they require some fundamental changes before doing so. With the ever-changing and evolving industry, we wanted to explore how in-housing has developed in the last five years since our previous whitepaper was written.

As part of the research for the whitepaper, we selected a group of global brands across a range of verticals, and a collective media spend of just over 6.8 billion, their attitudes towards in-housing, the main incentives and barriers they see. We then came together as a team to reflect on how our services have changed and evolved to meet the challenge we face when brands ask us – “Should I in-house, and if so – how do I do it?”.


  • In-housing survey results from global brands

  • The journey of in-housing five years on

  • In-housing models and structures

  • Considerations of each pillar of in-housing: process, technology, measurement, talent and investment

Download the whitepaper

Download the full whitepaper to gain a useful guide to help you start your own journey or provide some useful evaluation criteria to understand where improvements can be made within current processes.

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