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Case Studies

Advancing measurement and trafficking through detailed playbooks

The brief

TPA Digital were tasked to create two playbooks for a bank's marketing centre of excellence. The first playbook needed to demonstrate how to practically achieve incremental marketing measurement. The second playbook needed to showcase trafficking best practice and focus on reducing the lengthy trafficking process in place at the time.  

The output


Stakeholder interviews


Document and technology review


External research


Playbook construction


Stakeholder review


Playbook review


Wider stakeholder presentations

A quote from the client

"TPA have been excellent and has demonstrated strong communication and technical skills. For Canada they have produced some solid deliverables on a number of complex topics. Also, overall, I have been impressed with their willingness to go deep (they were able to get access to our reporting and just dig right in).  It has been great working with TPA.”

- Senior Marketing Communications Media Manager 

Contact us if you are an advertiser who is interested in receiving a bespoke playbook. 

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