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A Guide To Programmatic Buy Types

by Danielle Stewart

Despite ongoing associations with the Open Market and Real Time Bidding (RTB), programmatic has diversified into multiple buy types – catering to wider environments and requirements. In fact, programmatic deal-based buys are now growing faster than the Open Market.

Investment growth is largely a result of shifting priorities amongst Advertisers and Publishers. After one too many brand safety scandals and post-GDPR, control is increasingly important. Supply Path Optimisation may also be partially responsible, as buyers and sellers look to gain greater control and find optimal routes to supply.

However, the opportunities and limitations associated with each buying method must be considered and understood. Selecting the wrong method could be detrimental to campaign objectives.

We consider there to be 3 key buying methods:

  • Open Marketplace

  • Private Marketplace

  • Programmatic Direct

The Open Marketplace:

Contains inventory from multiple publishers where all buyers have opportunities to bid programmatically (real-time bidding) to purchase ad impressions via auction.

Private Marketplace (PMP)

Invitation-only auctions between one publisher and a select few advertisers. Therefore, particular inventory packages containing publisher audience data and content may be incorporated into the deal.

Programmatic Direct (PG)

Non-auction-based approach. Volumes and pricing agreed on upfront with publishers.

For more information on each buy type, including comparisons, strengths and limitations, please contact us.

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