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AdTech: 18 months from now (Adpod podcast)

In last month's AdPod podcast episode, Wayne Blodwell, TPA’s founder, invited some of the TPA Digital team on to talk about the future of AdTech. In his final question, Wayne asked the team about their predictions of how AdTech might be different in 18 months.

Here are their answers:

Dani Stewart

In some way, shape or form, it has to be the use of AI. I think over the next 12 to 18 months it's going to be really interesting to see which of the applications that we're starting to see will get rolled out now in AdTech. Maybe there will be small time-saving recommendations in a UI, or maybe there will be an entirely new AI-based feature or product.

It will be really interesting to see which of those are actually additive to workflows and will end up enhancing marketing performance.

Dan Larden

I think that there's going to be a lot of movement around creatives, specifically within ad tech and 'cre-tech' companies, which are there to specifically focus on creative. You can't really move at the moment on LinkedIn for some sort of creative AI piece. My brother's a graphic designer, and he's terrified for his job at the moment. I don't specifically mean those companies or those specific examples I think Creative Technology is a little bit unexplored. I guess it's because I think we're reaching a point where we've saturated media and measurement with the legal and technology pieces that have happened.

Because of programmatic and because of the ability to be able to do uber-targeting on the audience and measurement, there has potentially been a lack of focus on the creative side. And I think that does remain a place where digital advertisers can focus more effort because you can spend so much time on measuring and targeting the audience.

We will see more investment in creative technology. It's not just about making more creative and making them more usable, but we're seeing companies that are testing creative concepts before going live. Using AI to just sort of score and measure creative in a very fast way. These aren't small companies that are just coming out of the AI revolution and looking for their first seed round. These are quite large corporations which have been around for a while and are starting to move into digital. I think that that's going to be a really interesting space to keep an eye on.

James Diba

We could probably talk at length about how AI is going to be pivotal in the future, whether that's for activation, measurement or creative. We're already seeing Google making lots of changes across Google Marketing Platform in how they're integrating AI.

But for me, I think we're starting to see businesses beginning to look at AdTech within their wider digital transformation. They're trying to understand how AdTech fits with the different parts of their businesses technology stack. Where can they integrate? Where can they be more efficient? And I think that's a really critical change. Something we've not historically seen as it tended to sit very separately. But now we're seeing it gain more of a seat at the table. And that means it continues to grow in importance for businesses - although there's definitely a long way to go on that front.

But I think the more that we see that trend happening, the more you should expect the growth of AdTech to accelerate. And then the more that that happens, the more that it drives innovation and transformation.

You can find out what the team said in the rest of the podcast, either by listening to the episode or by reading the full transcript:

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