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Blodwell's online ad consultancy drops 'programmatic' from brand

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The Programmatic Advisory, a specialist digital advertising consultancy, is dropping the controversial term "programmatic" as the word no longer represents its services.

The company is rebranding as TPA Digital and its training site, The Programmatic University, is being renamed TPA Academy.

Wayne Blodwell, founder and CEO of TPA Digital, said: “When we first launched our services, we were very focused on solving specific programmatic use cases, but as we have grown, our clients have asked if we can apply these services to wider digital advertising."

Programmatic advertising, in which online ads are bought and sold with automated tools, have been at the centre of controversies in recent years around brand safety, transparency and ad fraud.

Removing a 'barrier'

In 2020, a PwC report commissioned by ISBA revealed that 15% of programmatic supply-chain costs are "unattributable", while only half of programmatic ad spend goes to publishers.

Blodwell added: “Programmatic has been a controversial term for quite some time, with plenty of confusion around the definition and meaning – we often found this a barrier to advertiser adoption of technology and data within their advertising programs.

"We’re confident that by removing this barrier it’ll be a way to progress ambitious advertisers at a greater speed.”

A former head of programmatic at Dentsu in the UK, Blodwell launched The Programmatic Advisory in 2016 as a specialist digital advertising consultancy for major advertisers.

The company more than doubled last year (125%) and services 35 advertiser clients from offices in London and New York.

Dan Larden, a former managing partner of Infectious Media, joined TPA last year as head of UK.

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