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Bring Confidence to Programmatic – a message from our CEO

by Wayne Blodwell

Today we’re excited to launch our new advertiser-focussed initiative; Bring Confidence to Programmatic.

You don’t need a humble programmatic consultancy to tell you how coronavirus is impacting your business and how that will impact advertising going forward, but we do think you need someone to bring confidence to programmatic as programmatic will be the way in which all advertising is transacted in future.

We’re looking to partner with advertisers who want to deliver true media performance that delivers bottom line objectives. True media performance can not be achieved in silos, it requires alignment across many areas. Whether that be understanding what talent & contracts should be in-housed, knowing how to align data and creative or being better placed to build and audit a productive media supply chain.

Our approach starts with assessing your current media capability across six areas; talent, technology, data, creative, measurement and commercials. We combine this assessment with our expert thinking on the future of media to create a transformation roadmap tailored to your business.

Our goal is to ensure your future investments work as effectively as possible with very clear commercial considerations throughout so you know exactly where to put your energy and money in the coming months and years. We deliver this roadmap upon completion of a six week project, squarely setting you up for success.

Many companies in the marketing services industry are facing a financial pinch right now and they have commercially conflicted interests throughout their businesses, for brands to be confident with programmatic they need to be confident with the recommendations made by their partners. We have never had any deals within our business that are tied to technology reselling or media spend. We are entirely independent and impartial.

Contact us to find out more about our Bring Confidence to Programmatic initiative!

We look forward to hearing from progressive advertisers.

Stay safe, Wayne

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