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Campaign Review for Advertisers

Whether campaigns are run in-house or via an agency, it’s important to take stock of activity given the ever-evolving landscape of programmatic. While the industry is rapidly developing, we often see setups so vast and inflexible that it’s near impossible to keep on top of advances. Campaign performance suffers as a result, weakening KPI achievement and hindering justification for reinvestment.

With our industry expertise and hands on campaign management experience, we’re able to review campaigns to give brands reassurance on their investments.

We have created a product which allows us to review how campaigns are being run and present back the ways we believe they can be enhanced in relation to best practice. A closer alignment to best practice ensures programmatic campaigns are being run in the most efficient and successful way possible.


We have a simple four-step approach to reviewing campaigns for brands to uncover opportunities for advancement

  1. Internal stakeholder meetings (conducted remotely)

  2. Document analysis & platform login

  3. Recommendation build

  4. Presentation back

What we require

  1. List of no less than 3 and no more than 6, internal stakeholders who contribute and orchestrate the programmatic approach (CMO, head of digital, digital media manager, etc.).

  2. Supporting documentation such as media plans and reports

  3. Access to programmatic platforms (DSP, adserver etc.) where possible

How long it takes 

From our first day of internal stakeholder meetings until presentation back, takes 2 weeks  (assuming no diary difficulties).

Why The Programmatic Advisory

  • We have conducted similar projects for 15+ advertisers globally

  • We have the most-rounded view on the programmatic market

  • We are programmatic practitioners turned consultants

  • We do not have any conflict of interests in our business and therefore able to make the best recommendations for you

Expected costs 

We know it’s a challenging time for businesses right now as there is a lot of volatility, however, taking stock of existing programmatic activity will likely lead to smarter buying and therefore increased efficiency when it comes to reaching goals. We also believe having a second pair of eyes on campaign activation can bring innovative ideas to how campaigns are run.

Please contact us to find out more.

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