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Data Clean Rooms Podcast

Last week, TPA Digital held a panel titled 'How are brands using Data Clean Rooms today?' alongside a group of experts who offer brands a new privacy-first approach to data-driven digital advertising.

If you didn't manage to catch the panel, we have converted it into a podcast that you can listen to here.

The topics

The panel followed three topics:

  • How privacy legislation is changing the digital marketing landscape

  • New methods for future-proofed activation and measurement

  • Advice for brands starting their data clean rooms journey

The panelists

Our group of Data Clean Room experts were made up of James Prudhomme (CRO at Optable), Andra Mititelu (Sales Director, Audience Platform for Advertisers at Permutive) and Tim Norris-Wiles (Managing Director EMEA at Habu).

What's more, all three of these companies were recently featured on Business Insider when they named the "Hottest Tech Companies Helping Ad Targeting in the Consumer Privacy Era"!

The panel was also moderated by our Senior Client Partner, Dani Stewart, who led the discussion and managed the Q&A from the brands that attended.

The podcast

You can listen to the podcast on any provider, or by listening to it on Soundcloud here.

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