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Our Programmatic 2023 Predictions

Originally posted on our LinkedIn newsletter: The Programmatic Pulse

Privacy and Identity:

"2023 will be a pivotal year for Privacy & Identity as we will continue to see increased adoption of solutions on both the buy and the sell-side.

The Privacy Sandbox initiatives will see further testing and refinement after what appear to be underwhelming results in preliminary tests conducted by third parties. All the while, a large cloud is looming over the viability of many privacy and identity solutions in the shape of the European Courts of Justice's decision over the legality of the TCF (upon which most of these solutions are heavily dependent). But I wouldn’t be surprised if that decision rolls into a 2024 predictions piece.

Later in the year, I expect regulatory eyeballs to start turning towards the new wave of privacy & identity solutions we’re seeing. And of course, the UK may begin charting its own journey when it breaks away from the GDPR… interesting times indeed!" - James Diba


"As the attention economy takes a more prominent role in advertising, investments in audio, specifically podcasting, will grow due to the nature of the highly valuable one-to-one listener environment." - Dani Stewart

Clean Rooms 2.0:

"Clean room technology has long been mooted as a potential solution to the ongoing issue of connecting data from disparate systems without falling foul of privacy laws and barriers around consented use. Test and learn and foundational execution have been the order of the day over the past year or two, but I predict there will be an acceleration of adoption within digital advertising that will bring new services and technology entering the market that will allow easy and more scalable solutions. Expect the phrases ‘federated learning’ and ‘hardware-level encryption’ to enter your programmatic strategy terminology in 2023." - Dan Larden

Social Commerce:

"I predict that walled gardens will become more popular as social platforms try to hold on to as much data as possible. Consequently, social commerce will continue to rise as social platforms manage more of the marketing funnel from awareness to purchase. This may also mean there could be an improvement and investment in their shopping and one-click-to-checkout solutions." - Gen Braine


"In-housing has peaked. I think there will be very little in the next two years, given how long it takes for the cost overheads that it brings for advertisers to pay off, and the recession making that hugely challenging." - Wayne Blodwell


"I think out-of-home is likely to take a hit as advertisers recession-proof their media plans. However, there may be an opportunity for programmatic to gain dominance as an out-of-home buying mechanism whilst advertisers want more flexibility." - Dani Stewart

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