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The Programmatic Advisory drops the term programmatic and updates to TPA Digital

Today, The Programmatic Advisory, a specialist digital advertising consultancy that provides unbiased services to the world’s leading advertisers, has announced that they are updating their brand to TPA Digital, dropping programmatic from their name.

Wayne Blodwell, Founder & CEO of TPA Digital said, “When we first launched our services, we were very focused on solving specific programmatic use cases, but as we have grown, our clients have asked if we can apply these services to wider digital advertising. We have found that The Programmatic Advisory name no longer represents the full breadth of our services.”

In conjunction with the advisory brand update, the popular training site, The Programmatic University, which has had over 1,500 people go through their training programs, will rebrand to TPA Academy.

Dan Larden, Head of UK at TPA Digital added, “Our training site rebrand isn’t to say that programmatic as a means of enabling advertising is becoming any less prevalent. The content will still be focused on the education of programmatic fundamentals to the wider ecosystem and we are excited to bring plenty of new content to our members.”

Blodwell also went on to say, “Programmatic has been a controversial term for quite some time, with plenty of confusion around the definition and meaning - we often found this a barrier to advertiser adoption of technology and data within their advertising programs. We’re confident that by removing this barrier it’ll be a way to progress ambitious advertisers at a greater speed.”

TPA Digital offers impartial expert consulting for advertisers across their; Operations, Technology, Data, Transparency and Media pillars and this has helped major global advertisers achieve significant savings and performance from their investments since 2016. This brand update helps TPA Digital clients to better realise the full spectrum of services available.

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