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The Programmatic University re-launches with new Foundations Course

The Programmatic University (now TPA Academy) has re-launched and is providing a brand-new, on-demand foundations course in order to help individuals upskill and master the fundamentals of programmatic advertising.

The new course is available for free on TPA Academy website and is comprised of five modules containing everything a modern marketer needs to know about programmatic. Each module consists of a series of on-demand video content and interactive quizzes. This content can be accessed anywhere and at any time, allowing you to integrate online learning into busy working schedules.

Programmatic Foundations has been built by impartial trainers who have a deep-rooted understanding of the inner workings of the programmatic landscape. This knowledge has been leveraged to provide unrivalled training of programmatic best practices from an unbiased perspective.

The content of the course itself touches on many fundamentals of programmatic advertising such as key technologies, data strategies, buy types and planning fundamentals. Also, there is an introduction to programmatic audio, DOOH and Connected TV, which are fast-growing and emerging programmatically enabled channels.

Upon course completion, you will gain a wide range of understanding of how to plan, launch, measure and optimise programmatic campaigns.

The Programmatic University, the expert practitioners behind The Programmatic Advisory, have provided training to the world’s leading brands. With global programmatic spending projected to grow to $147 billion by the end of 2021.

Wayne Blodwell, Founder & CEO of TPA Digital commented on the launch by saying; “The number of times we get asked where to go for foundational and unbiased programmatic training ls crazy, so we decided to invest 300+ hours as a team into creating a course. We’re really proud of this and felt it was only right to offer this for free given the circumstances of the past year.”

The Programmatic University was founded in April 2020, helping industry professionals to stay ahead of a fast-moving industry. The Programmatic University was rebranded as TPA Academy in January 2022.

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