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TPA Digital adopts Cedara's enterprise platform to decarbonise business operations

Tuesday 25th October - Press Release

TPA Digital Adopts Cedara’s Enterprise Platform to Decarbonize Business Operations and Accelerate the Media Industry’s Goal of Net Zero by 2030

Cedara, the first end-to-end carbon intelligence platform empowering businesses of any size

and their employees to seamlessly take climate action, is announcing its partnership with TPA Digital, a leading digital advertising consultancy for the world’s largest brands, to support its goal in becoming carbon neutral and ultimately reach net zero.

TPA Digital will also leverage their climate solutions as a proof-of-concept to inform and advise its clients on best practices to reduce the carbon footprint of their digital media spend and to achieve the advertising industry’s collective goal of becoming net zero by 2030.

Through Cedara’s Enterprise product and automation capabilities, TPA Digital will accurately

measure and seamlessly offset emissions through the Offset Marketplace, and generate GHG Protocol reports that transparently share its sustainability efforts.

“Sustainability is now one of the most important topics for all companies in the media ecosystem,” said Wayne Blodwell, Founder & CEO of TPA Digital. “We have always been at the forefront of identifying trends and recommending best-in-class solutions to advertising brands. It was obvious to us that Cedara’s innovative technology will enable the entire media industry to develop a truly green media ecosystem.”

“We are proud to partner with TPA Digital, as they clearly recognized the need for the media industry to make an impact on the climate emergency,” said David Shaw, CEO of Cedara.“We’re excited that TPA Digital will be leading by example on sustainability and proactively decarbonizing their business.”

About Cedara:

Cedara, founded in 2021, is on a mission to help businesses decarbonize and to build a more

sustainable future. With its end-to-end carbon intelligence software platform, Cedara enables organizations of any size, along with their employees, to measure, reduce, offset and report on all carbon emissions. Cedara adopts a high-impact, data-driven approach to develop transformative solutions for enterprises and their partners to accelerate the shift to a climate-friendly economy. To learn more, please contact

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