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We follow three key principles when delivering a market-leading programmatic review​:

Programmatic is a complex ecosystem, a programmatic review must go deep into the weeds to really understand what’s going on and why


Every advertiser has unique goals they’re trying to achieve from programmatic, so the review has to be bespoke with very few ‘off-the-shelf’ criteria​


The entire process must be conducted in conjunction with the advertiser (and oftentimes their agency), so they understand how scoring works, is fair and that any recommendations can be actioned​

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We have no commercial relationships with any agencies or vendors, meaning we operate solely to make the best recommendations for you​


The programmatic review team have decades of experience using programmatic technologies, they know what is important​

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We have conducted tens of these processes all around the world for advertisers large and small, we know how to centre the review around needs and how to remain focused on those​

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Requirement Gathering

(2 weeks)

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We start the process by conducting workshops with the advertiser to build a relevant framework for analysis based on what’s important​.

Following this we interview key stakeholders & conduct document (programmatic plans, media strategy, weekly reports for the past 1 year etc.) analysis to get deeper into the details ​.

In this part of the process, where possible, we like to get access to technologies – but we do appreciate that this isn’t always achievable​​.

Our Process


(4 - 6 weeks)


​​We then spend 4-6 weeks analysing what we have found with regular feedback and further follow up interviews to maximise accuracy​​.


Recommendation workshop 
(3 hours)


​​We conclude the review with a workshop presenting back our recommendations.

Programmatic Review Case Study

The Brief

A large European retailer tasked TPA Digital to audit their programmatic spend as part of a wider audit to identify areas of opportunity and risk.​


The client was particularly interested in understanding the effectiveness of their media investment and how it was spent.​​

The Output

With access to buying platforms, TPA Digital conducted an in-depth audit of current and past programmatic campaigns. We delivered 16 practical recommendations to improve campaign performance. The most significant being to address £3m+ of undisclosed margin being captured from their media agency. ​

Our work led to a successful long-term partnership with a new agency and a significant increase in digital spend over three years.​

The Results


Increase in Digital Marketing investment over three years


Undisclosed media fees uncovered


Strategic and tactical recommendations

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