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Case Studies

Custom Programmatic Training Programme and Playbooks


Minutes of training


Staff members trained


Trainers running the sessions

The brief

We worked with a leading podcasting company to train their team in all things programmatic to overcome the following objectives:

  • To understand the role of programmatic advertising in the mix versus other advertising methods

  • To understand the process of how programmatic ads are served online

  • To understand what is required in the process of getting a programmatic campaign up and running and the settings buyers may implement

The output

The course was designed with 6 separate modules with accompanying playbooks, specifically aimed at sales employees to upskill in programmatic from a technical perspective so they are able to field any questions a savvy programmatic buyer may ask them. The modules were structured as below:




90 minute presentation

10 minute task to strengthen learning objectives

20 minute Q&A


Contact us if you are interested in custom programmatic training.

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