Wayne Blodwell

Wayne Blodwell
Founder & CEO

Wayne Blodwell was one of the earliest users of programmatic technologies in the UK and has since held various positions which have helped brands leverage the increasing importance of programmatic. He founded TPA in 2016 to take this to the next level with a completely non-conflicted consulting service.


Empowering advertisers with impartial expertise.

Areas of Expertise

Wayne is a current member of the Drum Digerati (the top 100 most influential people in advertising in the UK) and has been short-listed for Digital Trading Leader of the Year twice.

Wayne is responsible for the day-to-day running of TPA as well as working with clients on projects to develop their programmatic capabilities globally. Wayne enjoys the fact that there isn’t a one-size-fits-solution for programmatic for brands and publishers, and loves creating strategically robust solutions based on what’s right for the client.

A fun fact about Wayne is that he used to play Chess for Oxfordshire when he was younger and has enjoyed the Chess resurgence following ‘Queen’s Gambit’ on Netflix…

- Programmatic landscape
- Creating a scaled programmatic operation
- Pairing Programmatic with wider business strategy