Zaahir Dawood

Zaahir Dawood
Data Analyst

Zaahir Dawood is a Data Analyst at TPA where he is responsible for tackling complex analysis across large data sets to provide valuable insights for our clients. This involves both back-end data cleaning and validating, as well as front-end visualisations, utilising predictive modelling to forecast the impact of strategic changes.


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Areas of Expertise

Zaahir's experience centers around the development of statistical data reports, dashboards, predictive models, and recommender systems designed to answer critical stakeholders' questions and direct decision-making.

His experience also involves cleaning, validating, merging and enhancing datasets to answer more granular and complex questions through iterative cycles of data mining. Over the last few years, he has been continuously developing and improving his data science, natural language processing, and computer vision skill stack.

A fun fact about Zaahir is that he is from Mauritius, a fantastic destination for holidays, that has forged his enjoyment of hiking and social activities among friends.

- Data Science & Analytics
- Machine Learning
- Natural Language Processing