Our Values

TPA Digital has always been an employer-first business. We pride ourselves on creating a working environment which allows people to bring their best-selves to work. We have a culture which rewards ideas and inputs from every single person. We also have a commercial model which ensures no employee should ever feel compromised by the recommendations they give to our clients.


Part of what makes TPA a great place to work is our value-driven culture. These values aren’t just on this website and stuck in a hidden folder on SharePoint – they were created by the employees and are within everyone’s individual quarterly objectives to ensure we are truly trying to live them every day.

At TPA we have three values





An obligation or willingness to accept responsibility.


Accountability is the starting point for our work. Everyone should be accountable for the decisions they make and why they make them.


We ask ourselves - how much can your circle rely on your quality and consistency?



The ability to do something that frightens one; bravery.


People develop at different speeds, but everyone should feel confident that they are supported to develop in their own ways.


Whether that’s having the courage to make a difficult decision, have a difficult conversation, to speak at an event, or a thousand other things that require courage.


We ask ourselves - how much courage is required for us to move forward?



The ability to understand and share the feelings of another.


Empathy is being able to truly understand the perspective of someone else and that allows us to be more collaborative or more individual, depending on what is required.


Sometimes things can go wrong but we never point fingers or deflect the blame, failure is part of the system. 

We ask ourselves - what is the perspective of the person we are engaging with?


If these values align with you, then please check our
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