TPA Digital Specialisms

Since our inception we have always believed that advertisers need specialist and impartial consultancy – this is still slide 1 of our pitch deck today! Therefore, our entire business is built around five interconnected specialisms, delivered by consultants with no conflicts of interest. Simple.

How we're different

We customise our deliverables around the individual needs of the advertiser and never apply cookie-cutter methodologies to our work

We have no position in media, data, or technology as we have no deals, priorities, or joint-venture agreements

We do not plan or buy media ourselves so can always be very objective when making strategic recommendations​


In-house, out-house or hybrid? There isn’t one answer for how an advertiser should be set up. But we have experience implementing different models that are flexible and future-proofed for an increasingly digital world.

Re-designing and implementing a new operating model is high stakes and often politically fraught. TPA Digital quickly become a trusted extension of the advertiser’s team and use our deep experience to confront the realities of what is required in a diligent, positive and collaborative manner.

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We help advertisers: 

  • Design fit-for-purpose and commercially feasible operating models – locally, regionally, and globally 

  • Build resource plans and team organograms that are befitting of their needs and not for the incentives of other businesses 

  • In-house digital advertising functions across multiple internal business units where appropriate 

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We help advertisers: 

  • Understand the ideal digital channel mix for their advertising 

  • Update key performance indicators to be relevant for their business needs 

  • Structure plans, campaigns, and reports to be as insightful, relevant and granular as possible 

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Everywhere a consumer sees an advert online is a piece of media. Media comes in different contexts, sizes, formats & quality whilst also serving different roles for a brand. Globally there are 100 billion digital advert opportunities, 3.5 billion searches and millions of social engagements every single day.


At TPA Digital use our channel & investment agnostic mindset to help brands optimise to the best media buying opportunities for their objectives – and we often go one step further by helping them set up reporting dashboards and a/b test hypothesis for much more granular media buying – we typically do this hand-in-hand with their agency.


Our team have backgrounds as ‘hands on keyboard’ programmatic operators, as well as constructing some of the most innovative commercial relationships in programmatic.


We leverage this unrivalled experience, plus our impartial commercial model to help advertisers truly see what’s going on with their digital ad spend and going many steps further than traditional media auditors.

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We help advertisers: 

  • Understand what they can currently access 

  • Question what they should be able to access 

  • Structure contracts and agreements in such a way that they are not exposed to future risk 

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We help advertisers: 

  • Maximise the collection of first-party data 

  • Activate data in a meaningful way across the business 

  • Understand which companies they should be working with to augment or license data from 

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The use of data in digital advertising is changing, the ability to collect data at a near-infinite level is no longer viable due to the restrictions implemented by the major advertising platforms and by the moves made by regulators around the world. ​


TPA Digital have delivered multiple data transformation projects since our inception and have experience in working with marketing, legal, IT, product and procurement departments. The leveraging of data for marketing requires multi-stakeholder buy in at an advertiser, and we have the deep specialism and technical understanding to make this happen.


With the dynamic nature of digital marketing, it can be common for a brand to find itself stuck with an out-of-date technology stack or with a technology stack that has too many components, duplicated functionality and or just simply not being leveraged to its full capacity. 


We have experience in running hundreds of technology RFPs and given we have no commercial affiliation with any platform, it ensures that our processes are fair and that all vendors have a genuine chance of winning the business. 

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We help advertisers: 

  • Understand what technologies are required for optimal digital marketing whilst remaining operationally efficient 

  • Integrate technologies across different departments 

  • Identify tools that should be building/borrowing on top of core technology platforms 

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Advertisers need experts to navigate complex ecosystems 


Digital advertising becomes the most prominent method of advertising 


Strategic advice must be detached from media buying relationships